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After 47 years of experience in the field, Bracha has gained a wide and comprehensive knowledge in the field of alternative medicine, therefore she has an answer to every question and a solution to every problem.


Fertility Specialist

After a certain period of trying, have you come to the conclusion that maybe you need a fertility specialist? If so, you should know that only Western medicine is not always the right solution. There is no debate about the fact that many resources are invested in the matter, but on the other hand, complementary medicine also has a lot to contribute in the matter. That's why you should get to know Bracha Mazor today, because if she was able to help so many women get pregnant, it's definitely possible that she will be able to help you too.

All the benefits you will enjoy if you turn to a fertility specialist

It is true that you can give up the dream of being happy parents who embrace a child, but on the other hand, if it is possible to help you grow your family, then why not try it? There are quite a few benefits that you will enjoy if you contact a fertility specialist, such as:

  • There will be someone who will listen to you

⦁ There will be someone who will know how to match you with the right treatment

⦁ There will be someone to accompany you throughout the process

And most importantly: it is definitely possible that in the end you will have a child who will make you happy and excited parents. The era in which we live is very significantly different from the world that existed decades ago. What this means is that fertility problems that in the past we had no possibility to deal with today have become very simple. That is why it is not worth giving up on the dream and it is recommended to start fertility treatment as soon as possible.

Choosing the experts you turn to

If you do a quick search you will find that there are many fertility experts. However, not all of them are good enough, experienced and professional, and in addition to that, of course not all of them deal with alternative fertility treatments. Therefore, if you want to try an alternative treatment, not to burden the woman's body with more and more hormones and not to take unnecessary risks, you should make an appointment with Bracha Mazor today. She is available for you at any time at 02-6724278 or 050-5325859 , and the truth is, if you read the opinions of the other couples who have already contacted her, there is no doubt that you will be impressed. Bracha works with different methods that are all related to the world of complementary medicine, so there is no doubt that it will help in a very significant way in your case as well.

Fertility problems among men - why it happens

Bring me grandchildren already!", "Well, what about a child?" You hear these questions too much lately. You don't like to say that you are having trouble getting pregnant, and that the thing you want most is to already be parents.

Bracha Mazur - treats fertility problems in a natural way and performs fertility treatments for men.

When there is difficulty getting pregnant, there is a tendency to think that the problem lies with the woman, but 40% of fertility problems originate with the man. why is it happening?

One of the reasons is poor nutrition: industrialized food, unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins and minerals... all of these cause a low sperm count and slow sperm movement.

Another reason is related to the lifestyle of some of us - whether it's alcohol, cigarettes, drugs... they reduce the sperm count immediately, and slow down the sperm movement.

Exposure to ionizing radiation is another factor that destroys sperm cells. It comes from cell phones, computers and working in high voltage electrical areas.

And the last thing is overheating of the pelvic area. Tight underwear, prolonged sitting, sauna, jacuzzi, hot water baths - cause the veins to dilate and slow down sperm movement.

Despite all these, there is a way to improve sperm count and normal motility, in a completely natural way.

After 47 years in the field, where I helped hundreds of couples get pregnant within 3 to 5 months, I want to help you too.

Want to get pregnant naturally in 3 to 5 months? Call or leave details - and I'll get back to you!

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