Blended Families- Stepmom Support


Blended Families- Stepmom Support

"This is my mom on my dad's side"

Being a mother in a blended family

Announcing the opening of an empowerment group for stepmothers - women raising their husbands' children.

During the session, we'll examine which resources are needed to make a blended family work well, discussing issues such as the relationship between the stepmother and the biological mom, and more.

The underpinning assumption is that each participant in this group possesses firsthand knowledge on how to cope with their challenges and more, so they all offer and receive support at the same time.

The group format will allow for an honest and open discussion and to process familiar experiences. This is a place to bring up questions and challenges in the context of optimism and belief in the success of a blended family.

The group will be run by Karni Goldshmid-Lahav, a skilled group facilitator in Hebrew on Mondays from Jan 4th in the evening in Talpiyot..

The cost for 8 sessions will be NIS 1200.

For more information please call Karni at 052-652-6144 or email [email protected]