Have your mezuzas checked at home


Have your mezuzas checked at home

Have your mezuzas checked at home

Mezuzas have natural wear and tear, [humidity etc.] and need occasional check ups. Twice in 7 years is the halacha requirement.

your Mezuzah checking done by a professionalMany years of experience. Many recommendations

Do your mezuzahs need checking, but it's too hard to take them down and put them up? Do you want to avoid an "unprotected" house while your mezuzahs are at the sofer being checked?

Have your mezuzahs checked in the convenience of your own home by a certified sofer/megiha. [average house takes approx. 2+ hours].

200 shekel for a home visit + 20 shekel per mezuzah for first 10 mezuzahs, from 11"th mezuzah on, it will be 40 per mezuzah.

Call R' A. Goldstein at 052-760-9199.

Musmach of Mishmeres STaM

Many references available.

For a warm Har Nof references, call 052-287-1946.or: 02-6518221

I also carry new Mezuzas that are available for purchase. Price range: from 200 shekels and up. 

Tefilin are available by order.


Clients Satisfaction

Deborah Toren
1 year ago

Professional and efficient. Recommend!

Avraham Berkowitz
a good deal
1 year ago

I am getting older and have a lot of mezuzot in my residence. This was a good deal for some one in my position. Rabbi Goldstein came to our home and removed, checked and put back all the mezuzot. It save me a lot of time and effort.

1 year ago

Worth every penny! Rabbi Goldstein came to my apartment and not only checked the mezzuzot with a special light, but also recovered one I had put away for I was told it was not kosher some time ago and in another country. I also got the benefit of a generous shiur on the different mezzuzot, the Halacha, etc. Great experience. Thank you, Rabbi!

Ben Green
3 years ago

Courteous, competent, and professional. Recommended.