Joshua Goldberg - Relationship Counselor & CBT Practitioner


Joshua Goldberg - Relationship Counselor & CBT Practitioner

Joshua Goldberg has a background in sales & real estate investment in Australia.  He studied a graduate diploma of Counseling in Melbourne Australia 2010.  He has been counseling males for 6 years in Melbourne Australia, Lakewood NJ, Israel and other countries. 

Joshua specializes in helping with:

- Relationships involving personality disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder, CPTSD, Narcissistic abuse)

- Emotional Neglect from Childhood which negatively affects relationships

- Interpersonal skills (communication & emotion skills) 

- Preparation for relationships / marriage

- Career path

- Overcoming depression & stress

Joshua works remotely with clients all over the world, he is available for 1 hour sessions on WhatsApp, Google Meet or phone. 

English speaking

1 hr session 200 NIS (Flexible if client in financial hardship, FIRST SESSION HALF PRICE for YouTube subscribers.

Looking forward to hearing from you!