Tur-Sinai professional appraisers and realtors


Tur-Sinai professional appraisers and realtors

Office Profile

The firm operates as a private company called Tur-Sinai Real Estate Ltd., owned by Oded Tur-Sinai, a real estate appraiser since 1983. license No. 169 and has been engaged in real estate appraisal and lands improvement for 30 years.

The firm's concept of work - values ​​and emphases
A thorough and professional understanding of the various real estate aspects.
A comprehensive view of the land market in Israel, against the backdrop of major processes in the economy.
A thorough familiarity with the central bodies dealing with real estate, understanding the main processes and the ability to identify priorities and "power centers" and to harness them as much as possible "for the benefit of the customer".
Extensive experience working with the public / state sector and with entrepreneurial and business entities in the private sector.
Teamwork in collaboration with consultants and professional experts.
Working collaboratively and "listening" to customer needs.
Commitment to excellence and constant search for new and creative solutions.
Commitment to professional integrity, credibility and the "professional truth" (even if it is not convenient for anyone).
Invest in long-term customer relationship, from the point of view that a business relationship is a matter of continuous and over time.

Activity and specialization
The firm operates on a national scale through a head office in Jerusalem and staff offices in Modi'in and Tel Aviv, where qualified appraisers are employed, with extensive experience and professional knowledge.

Among the firm's clients are:

The Israeli banking system, the Mercantile Discount Bank and the Israel Union Bank, leading law firms, kibbutzim and moshavim, contractors and construction companies. , Owners of private and public properties, and more.

The office employs qualified appraisers and interns who perform regularly and professionally, with the personal involvement of Oded Tor Sinai in each of the firm's portfolios.

The firm's areas of expertise include:

Assessments for the banking system based on the Land Appraisers Regulations (Professional Ethics) and on the basis of Standard No. 19, which was approved by the Appraisal Standards Committee and the Land Appraisers Council.

Valuations of income-producing properties and others according to the requirements of the IFRS - for assets owned by public companies traded on the stock exchange, such as Jerusalem Economic Corporation, Industrial Buildings Corporation and others.

Appeals against assessments and the submission of counter-opinions to those of the Israel Land Administration and the representation of entrepreneurs and property owners "vis-à-vis the Israel Land Authority
Appeals against appraisals and submission of counter-assessments to the tax assessments of the betterment tax on municipalities / local committees and representation of entrepreneurs and property owners in these matters.

Representation of entrepreneurs and property owners in the matter of expropriation compensation and impairment of assets (claims under Section 197 of the Law) and the filing of counter-assessments.

 The tax authorities - submission of opinions that are considered as reservations and appeals to betterment tax / purchase tax and representation of entrepreneurs / lawyers
 On these issues.

 Accompanying projects of "Evacuation of Construction", Urban Renewal and National Outline Plan 38, including preparation of bank escort reports and preparation
 Of the opinion that are in accordance with Standard 21 of the Council of Assessors for Construction Evacuation Projects.

 Feasibility studies of projects - preparation of economic estimates, feasibility calculations and recommendations for owners of assets and investors.

Improvement of real estate - the Ministry operates professional teams that "lead projects for change of zoning and improvement"
And they are ad hoc for every project.

The teams include, among others, architects, appraisers, engineers, traffic and parking consultants, surveyors, safety consultants, building engineers
As well as legal consultants specializing in the specific real estate fields, such as: support for planning processes, changes in designation and promotion
Municipal building plans, betterment levies, expropriations, real estate taxation and special expertise in issues relating to ILA land.

Real estate assets in Israel are limited in quantity and constitute a "product in short supply", which is not sufficient to maintain it as is, but must be determined and proactive in order to develop and improve it continuously and with long-term commitment.

We believe that such real estate activity requires expertise and professionalism and requires familiarity and a thorough understanding of the main processes in the Israeli economy and the trends and priorities of the government and public bodies.

For more information and service:
Moshe: 052-8620806
The office: 02-6540702