Fast of Tisha b’Av Retreat in Beautiful Bat Ayin


Fast of Tisha b’Av Retreat in Beautiful Bat Ayin
Physical 26/07/2023 27/07/2023 Starts 18:00 Ends 20:30 300 NIS

Do you want to enhance your Tisha b’Av this year? Are you ready to do more, feel more and understand more on Tisha b’Av? Come join and gather with us, mourn with us as we experience Tisha b’Av in the depths of our soul. 

Our tears will flow like a gentle river to the heavens, our cries will blend together into a sweet melody that cannot be unheard. 

Let us begin the journey to the Beit HaMikdash and prepare for the final redemption together for as it is said by Chazal “in the merit of righteous women we were redeemed” and we will be redeemed! 

Each and every one of us has our part in remembering and helping to restore the Beit HaMikdash… we are waiting for you! We look forward to seeing you ✨ Save ₪50 only until July 19th! 

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