WIN Key Shortcuts J-348


WIN Key Shortcuts J-348

Keyboard shortcuts are great. 


If you remember them, they can save you lots of time and effort.  At some point, keyboards started showing up with a WIN key located at the left bottom of your keyboard, between the CTRL and ALT keys.

Write me for my "Very Short Guide to WIN Key Shortcuts."

Here are a few shortcuts that are very useful:

Minimizes all windows and displays your Desktop. Very useful.

Opens Search (same as Win+Q).  Very useful.

Opens the Clipboard.  This is the temporary storage area used by Windows when you Cut (or Copy) and Paste.  Win+V lets you see the last 25 items in the clipboard.

Displays and hides the Date and time on the desktop in a monthly calendar.

Note:  Need to create your own shortcut key?  See here.   

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