Father of 8 With ALS needs your support


Father of 8 With ALS needs your support

As we enter into the holiday of Pesach (which can also be explained as "the mouth speaks") we are reminded that once we were slaves in Mitzrayim and because we called out to Hashem in our pain, we merited redemption from slavery. As my husband enters into his 11th year living fully paralyzed from ALS, he too calls out. Without your ongoing assistance, we would not be able to provide him with 24-hour lifesaving care.

We are forever indebted to our many donors, some of whom we will never meet, but who have given of their time and money to sustain R' Dovid and our family. Although the purpose of this appeal is to ask for your continued support, I want to thank each and every one of you for staying by our side and keeping R' Dovid alive.

Thank you for your generous Donation.

Chag Pesach Kosher Sameach, 

Frid Family



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