Great shiurim on Pesach by Rabbi Dr. Beni Gesundheit via Zoom


Great shiurim on Pesach by Rabbi Dr. Beni Gesundheit via Zoom
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 14/03/2021 Starts 18:30 Ends 19:30

Get yourself spiritually ready for the Seder with great English shiurim on Pesach by Rabbi Dr. Beni Gesundheit, in conjunction with Torah in Motion.

Live Zoom shiurim on Sunday March 14 and 21, at 6:30pm. Join one or both, or view the recordings at a later date.

Title: From Mishna to Meal: Exploring the Origins of the Haggadah

In this shiur we will study the Haggadah and the Seder through the prism of the Mishnah to understand how the Tanaaim connect the experience of our geula from Egypt to us today, when we no longer have the Mikdash and we endure challenging historical circumstances.

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You can also download the “Dor VaDor Haggadah” for free and view more shiurim about the Haggadah (in English and Hebrew), on the site!

About the lecturer: Rabbi Dr. Beni Gesundheit is an alumnus of Yeshivat Har Etzion who gives lectures on Torah content at various colleges and communities around Israel. Dr. Gesundheit is also a pediatrician in the field of oncology and research, with a PhD. in medical ethics.


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