Under Audit by the IRS?


Under Audit by the IRS?

IRS AUDIT! If you are being audited, you need certified translations. ACCU-TRANS produces professional MIRROR-IMAGE CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS of your documents quickly and affordably. Email DOCUMENTS to [email protected]  RIGHT NOW for a FREE QUOTE. 

 "I will personally and discreetly oversee the translation of your documents." - Moshe Armel

  • Mirror-image translations
  • Tagged document sets for easy reference
  • Translator's certification on every translation page
  • Completed translations right to your inbox
  • Rush Service available
  • Translation accuracy quaranteed

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Clients Satisfaction

naomi lebhar
Proffessional translator
6 years ago

I work in an accounting office and we use Moshe Armel's translation services on a regular basis. We have many clients who need IRS certified translations. We recommend Moshe Armel to our clients and are very happy with his efficient and professional service.

Leah Aharoni
Excellent translator
6 years ago

As a former translation agency owner, I was very happy with the work done by Mr. Armel. He is professional, courteous and service-oriented. He is my go-to referral for all IRS-related translations.

M. Miller
Professional, speedy service
6 years ago

I was very satisfied with Mr. Armel's service. He was professional, did the work in a timely manner, was courteous, kind and pleasant to deal with. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs an IRS-authorized certified translator.