FAB Events Israel Risa Shapiro Simcha Planner /Coordinator


FAB Events Israel Risa Shapiro Simcha Planner /Coordinator
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Rechov Dan 15/21

RISA SHAPIRO WEDDING PLANNER & EVENT COORDINATOR integrates her skill,creativity,and  talents to making ALL your simchas personalized, unique, and STRESS FREE - from shopping for  the venue and matching you up with just the right service professionals,  guiding you through all the details, and executing the well scheduled event to precision !

Your Style in Your Budget! 

 "To Infinity and Beyond" Full Service to even  "CRUNCH TIME :Day of the Event" services available! Our services tailored to just your needs!  

Licensed Social Worker brings unique VIP service to all her clients!

Excellent venues & select "tried & true"service professionals offer our clients special volume discount pricing and exclusive PERKS! 

SEEING IS BELIEVING:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ1COspUrEA

CALL HOTLINE FOR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONfor questions or advice on planning your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzva or next special occasion in Israel!

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Clients Satisfaction

2 months ago

We hired Risa as the wedding planner for the day of our daughter, Shira's, wedding. Risa immediately got on the case. She knew exactly what had to be done and how to make sure that the wedding would go smoothly. She thought of every detail and took down all the supplier's information. She was in touch with them to make sure that they would arrive on time and do their job well. I don't know how we would have survived the wedding day, with all the stress, if it weren't for Risa's help. I highly recommend her! She has amazing capabilities and works hard to make sure that every need is addressed. I can honestly say that the wedding was perfect and I thank Risa for her devoted work. Sincerely, Cheryl Dimant

Michal Belzberg
8 months ago

We were planning a complex wedding during corona times with many different wants, needs, different tastes etc. FAB Events Israel - Risa Shapiro Event Coordinator* turned out to be a planner who was able to hold all our requests - Risa was so dedicated to the planning she was able to handle the situation and focus on each persons dreams, Risa was always making sure we have our lists in place and in time , she came with us to all our meetings , Risa had ideas of florists , halls, bands and photographers . Thank you so much for going through this process with us !

Hana Mitnik
2 years ago

We wanted our big day to be a memorable and enjoyable experience for us and our guests. We had many detailed preferences to make our "dream wedding". To make our planning process easier and more effective we decided to hire a wedding planner. We had received good recommendations about Risa Shapiro. We found Risa to be highly experienced, personable and professional in her approach. Through the whole planning process Risa gave us valuable advice and creative ideas and helped us select service providers and negotiate terms with them. Our wedding took place in the classic Waldorf Astoria hotel Jerusalem. Risa participated in our negotiations with the hotel to help us receive the best service and terms. Risa tended to every detail on the day including precise scheduling, which relieved us of a lot of pressure. We received many compliments from our guests who told us how much they enjoyed our simcha and we were delighted how well everything went. We can honestly say that Risa provides an excellent comprehensive and tailored VIP service based on many years of experience. Her recommendations of service providers were well-suited to our style and budget and they worked hard to satisfy us encouraged by Risa's strong professional relationships with them. If you are planning any celebration, we are pleased to recommend FAB Events Israel to ensure that you get excellent value and service and ease the process of planning with confidence in a great outcome.

Rebecca Abramson
2 years ago

I was so grateful that we had Risa to help us on our big day. She helped us plan our little corona wedding in less than 48 hours and everything went perfectly. Risa is dedicated, professional, detail oriented, talented and creative. We had a lot of fun planning the wedding together and on the day! I couldnt recommend her highly enough. With Risa, you are in the BEST hands!!!! Thankyou for helping us plan our perfect wedding.

Samuel McCartney
Corona Wedding
2 years ago

Sarah and I got married during the craziness of the coronavirus. Risa was a big help when, unbeknown to us, the magnet photographer decided that he wouldn't come to the wedding. Together with our original magnet photographer, Risa very quickly and smoothly found a replacement. Sarah and I didn't know this had happened until well after the event.

Emily Izsak Gershon
2 years ago

Planning a wedding is already a daunting task, but panning a wedding from another country in another language in another time zone is a whole different ball game. Risa made planning our Israeli wedding easy and fun; she connected us with absolutely outstanding vendors, worked within our budget, and offered insider knowledge to help make our event a success. Our guests are still telling us how much they liked the flowers, how delicious the food was, how good the band was, and how wonderful all of the staff at the event hall were. If you

Rabbi Goldberg
2 years ago

It was a pleasure to work with Risa Shapiro, at our huge Decade Celebration, of Chabad of Rechavia! Risa was hired for the day of the event, and she made sure that everything went very smooth, and a big success! Many people commented how impressed they were, at the event. I highly recommend anyone that needs a responsible and super organized party planner, to contact Risa.

Jodi Samuels
Founder of JIC Israel
2 years ago

Risa was great! We hired her for the JIC Israel Yom Yerushalyim dinner. She was present and willing to do whatever was needed for our 600 person event. She was readily available to the very last minute and and after the event, even helped to shelp stuff back at 2 o'clock in the morning. She came on board in the middle of the chaotic situation and she dealt with it like a champ. I would highly recommend Risa for party / event planning. Jodi Samuels

Daniel Sass
Great Event Planner
2 years ago

I just finished filming an event a which Risa was the event planner. It was such a pleasure to work with her and the entire event went off without a hitch. It was such a smooth event for all involved and I saw what a difference it makes at a function to have someone so on top of everything, every step of the way. For those looking to enjoy their own simcha, Risa is the way to go. Daniel Sass - Sass Video Productions (www.sassvideo.com)

Aharon Goldberg
FAB Events Israel
2 years ago

Risa is detail oriented and knows exactly how to tailor make an event. Risa has planned several events for me and they came out perfect.

Jerrie Shlomo Colish
great wedding planner
3 years ago

Malka and I were thrilled with the very competent work Risa Shapiro, FAB Events Israel, did in preparing us for our wedding in such a short time-Only ONE MONTH! Your recommendations, guidance and choice of venue, menu selection, photography and music and all arrangements were excellent. Most of all your work on the wedding day was divine. You clearly went the extra mile with regards to providing a grand Kallah Chair, and right down to the baskets for the flower girls and the ring boy. You did a really great job exceeding our expectations! Please feel free to use me as a personal reference anytime. Jerrie Shlomo Colish [email protected] ISRAEL: 058-646-6208

Marlene Weiner
3 years ago

We are very pleased to recommend Risa Shapiro of Fab Events Israel for smachot and other party needs. From our first meeting, we felt completely comfortable and knew we were working with a true professional. She was recommended by a close friend to do a house party in our home on short notice and excelled in every aspect, from design and theme to execution and cleanup. Many of our guests (among 60 in all) commented on the elegance and quality of the platters and food; it was obvious they were impressed. From a personal standpoint, Risa was kind and gracious at all times. She did not just go through the motions-we could see the pleasure she took in making our simcha her own. We would happily hire her again-she more than exceeded our expectations. Sent from my iPhone

Larry Brandt
Great customer service!
4 years ago

I am an event photographer and I have worked with Risa on multiple occasions. It is always a pleasure to work with her, she is punctual and reliable and she works very hard to ensure ensure that the client's needs are met in style and within their budget! She works with top service providers in every imaginable field and ensures that the event runs smoothly and is stress-free.

Shoshi Davis
There's no one like Risa!
4 years ago

Working with Risa was an absolute pleasure! When we started planning our wedding, it became very apparent, very quickly that we needed someone to help us plan our wedding while we were both working. Meeting with Risa for the first time (she even came to my office!), I felt reassured right away that we were in caring and experienced hands. Risa worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to turn our dream wedding into a reality. She was always there to help us brainstorm, plan, and execute every detail of our wedding, so when the day came, we and our families could just enjoy the fun! She even helped us out planning my shabbat kallah! I highly recommend Risa if you're looking someone to plan your next simcha! You dream it, and she'll make it happen!!! I can't thank her enough :)

Gloria Landau
Great Experience-The Best!
4 years ago

Thanks for being there on my wedding day. It was great having you as my party planner. I really appreciate how you handled all the seating issues and came prepared for any surprises that might arise. I would highly recommend you to anyone making a wedding in Israel! Ortal Gadot Landau

Tatiana Factor Gondelman
Amazing Experience
5 years ago

When I was first looking for an event planner I spoke to quite a few people but I always had the feeling that they were more interested in creating their vision of my event instead of my vision. Risa was the only person that really took the time to understand what I wanted. As our plans changed and changed again she was always accommodating and willing to find something else. She was always very cognizant of our budget and happy to think outside of the box to give us an event to remember that was also affordable. All of our guests had an amazing time and whenever someone came up to me to comment on the wonderful party and told all of them that 'it was all Risa,' I just told her what I wanted and showed up.

Hedva Rosen
6 years ago

Risa is a wonderful lady with a lovely personality who is dedicated to, and passionate about, event coordinating. She will have your event planned out to the finest detail and will be on hand, in her reassuring, polite and caring manner, throughout. It will be stress free and to your liking in every way possible. I highly recommend her.

Brit Milah
7 years ago

When our son was born there was so much going on and so much on our minds I don't know how we would have organized a whole brit milah on our own. Having Risa organize our event for us was a huge help! Having her make all the arrangements and put all the pieces together for our brit milah took a huge burden off of us, and our simcha was beautiful! We highly recommend her!

Rachel Fleisher
7 years ago

Thank you Risa for helping us have our dream wedding!!! When we described what we wanted, Risa organized all the right people, from an amazing caterer to an incredible person to do decor and flowers, to a great hair stylist. In every way, it really was exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you again!!!

Highly recommended
7 years ago

Risa was a great help planning our wedding and making sure that everything went smoothly. We were very glad to have her experience and creativity!

Jon Nelson
Experienced and Personable
7 years ago

I've worked at many events with different party planners and I can say that Risa is the kind of planner that people should work with. She is professional, AND amicable- which is so important. At the event, you want someone who knows how to get things done and who also knows how to get along with the venue's staff and the other suppliers.