SUPERFRESH. Online Mehadrin Grocery Shopping


SUPERFRESH. Online Mehadrin Grocery Shopping
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18 Rechov Hatzvi

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(We take phone and fax orders as well: 026333566,  1700.55.22.55, 0543157682)

Renowned quality service for years!, formerly known as, is an online grocery store; experienced and ready to take care of all your shopping needs. Renown for our impeccable and friendly customer service, our aim is to supply every customer with a customized personable shopping experience, while saving you time and money. We stand proudly behind our reputation, and encourage anyone who has not tried us yet to do so...we guarantee we will change your life!

We carry everything you need: Fresh Produce, Fresh Dairy, Fresh Chicken, Baked Goods, Wines, Candy, Baby Needs, Snacks, Drinks, Freezer and Refrigerator Items…you name it, we have it!  

Our site carries many familiar American  products that will have you feeling right at home. Our Sales, Specials, and Featured Products have recently seen the addition of over 100 new deals! More competitive than ever, compare us against others and see for yourself.

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, we deliver to all the surrounding areas including Beitar, Efrat, Telzstone, Maale Adumim, Beit Shemesh,  Ramat Beit Shemesh, and more.


  • Order from your office, and have your groceries waiting for you at home.
  • Order from home and skip going to the store with your little ones in tow.
  • Order from America and upon arrival, have your groceries delivered to your residence!
  • Order from America for your son /daughter in seminary or yeshiva. We carry hundreds of American products that will give just the right touch of home.
  • Order supplies for your small to mid-size business or school. We carry many essential items, from coffee, sugar and hot cups to tissues and hand soap-just to name a few!


  • Sales! Sales! Sales!
  • For Chag and Shabbat, we have great deals and specials that will save you both time and money.  
  • Our Monthly Specials section changes with the season, encompassing many necessary seasonal products.

No more waiting in line, no more carrying, no more unfriendly cashiers.

We do it all for you, for a great price and with a smile.

Try us! You’ll be glad you did.

We accept phone, fax and online orders. 

PHONE: Yossi: 054-315-7682, office: 02-633-3566

FAX: 02-538-4448 (Please confirm fax)
[email protected], [email protected]


Clients Satisfaction

Zev Stub
The best!
7 years ago

We love MyMakolet! We get a delivery every month. We get what we order, and if something isn't available, they call to ask what we'd like instead. Top recommendation!