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Applied Jewish Spirituality

Applied Jewish Spirituality, is a home for deep, accessible online courses on the texts and practices 

of Jewish meditation and spirituality. 

Our mission is to bring life-changing wisdom 

and practical guidance to anyone seeking them. 

Please visit our website to see our current courses on applying the wisdom of 

Torah, Kabbalah and Chasidut in our daily lives.


“Learning with Rabbi Daniel has transformed my understanding of Judaism and Kabbalah. He brings down deep wisdom from the sages of our tradition with an eye towards application to daily life. In particular, I appreciate learning with him because we study the original texts, but he presents the ideas in a down-to-earth manner.” (Kalman, Stanford University)

“To be a female, Jewish-identifying, multi-faith curious, mystic, modern person, I find it grounding and uplifting to learn Kabbalistic perspectives with Rabbi Daniel. I’m now in my second year of the course and intend to continue through as many cycles as are offered, and I highly recommend this learning journey to any seeker.” (Lisa R., Portland, Oregon)

“Thank you Rabbi Daniel for this opportunity to learn with you, for your carefully constructed course content, brilliant insights into the wisdom of our tradition and lovely warmth and humour. I am personally gaining a lot of knowledge and you are inspiring me to explore new ideas for my Jewish Yoga and Meditation teaching (Yoga Havaya).” (Deborah Wilfond, Jerusalem)