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Achieve Israel

 Achieve Israel was founded on two principles.

1. Teaching people how to think and live "Outside of the box".

2.  Teaching people how to be comfortable outside of their "Comfort Zone".

e have various seminars, workshops and full length courses on many topics to enable people to live life and conduct business to their fullest potential. 

Our unique out of the box methods are not just for sales people. Many people over the years have been able to change their lives with Achieve Israel’s help. “Your comfort zone” is what it is all about. Our unique strategies stems from the belief that to make any enduring changes in your life only can come about when one stretches their personal comfort zone. Once you are able to stretch your comfort zone, first you will see amazing changes and second it can never return to its original form.

Almost every sale is emotionally based and his trademarked program of passion + dream = cash has made many sales people over the year very wealthy. Our training methods guarantee that within the first 60 days you will see an increase of sales of at least 10%.

Every sale should be targeted for a 1 call close because in most cases if the sale is not made in 1 call, it will not be made. In those cases where a 1 call close is not feasible or practical, our unique training methods guarantee a shortening of your closing cycle by at least 50%.

There are many folks and organizations who specialize in many different things. Some are excellent, some are good, some are fair and some are terrible. Regardless, you will not find anyone, anywhere who can give you what we can. We guarantee that if you will follow our prescription you will grow!

Whether you are an organization or an individual, whether you are in sales or not, you will grow! Guaranteed! All you have to do is follow our path and our prescriptions. This is all we do; we are not coaches, consultants or managers. We are teachers!

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