Understanding the 3 Levels of Insurance Coverage


Understanding the 3 Levels of Insurance Coverage

by Shimon Cohen -

Level A

National Health Services
Provided by four Kupot Cholim: Clalit, Meuhedet, Maccabi and Leumit. Most of the health services in Israel are included under this coverage.

Level B
Additional Health Services
A package of additional services that are offered by the various Kupot Cholim

Basic Upgrade Package
(Clalit, Mushlam, Meuhedet, Adif, Maccabi Zahav, and Leumit Silver):
This includes private surgery with surgeons contracted to the Kupa, discounts with contracted dentists, limited additional medications, medical devices, child development therapies, anti-aging consultations with contracted specialists.

Premium Upgrade Package
(Clalit Platinum, Meuhedet C, Maccabi Sheli and Leumit Gold):
This includes life-style coverage (personal trainer, dietitian, cosmetic surgery, etc.), more extensive child development therapies, pregnancy package, partial coverage for surgery abroad.

Level C
Private Supplementary Insurance
Coverage for medical conditions not covered by Levels A and B.

1-Medications not covered by Kupat Cholim
Usually for rare and very expensive life-saving medications.

2-Organ Transplants abroad (full coverage)
Due to lack of organ donors in Israel, there is usually a long waiting period. 
This policy gives the option of transplants abroad, thereby greatly increasing one’s options.

3-Surgery abroad
Whereas some of the Level B options do offer partial coverage for this, the private policy covers surgery abroad in full with no need for authorization by the Kupa.

Other Optional Coverages

1-Private surgery in Israel with an extensive list of contracted surgeons.

2-Private Ambulatory Services - consultations, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy and more.

3-Advanced Treatments - advanced treatments for cancer, oxygen therapy, medical devices (mobility devices, hearing aid, etc.), pain treatments and injections.

4-Critical diseases - one-time payment in case of diagnosis of a critical disease (example - cancer). We recommend this for children.

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