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Jerusalem, Emek Refaim and Geula


Dr Karen Goldsmith, originally from San Francisco, California, is now practicing chiropractic in Jerusalem  

As a relatively new Olah she is excited to share her over 20 years of chiropractic experience within Israel. 

Having had a large family practice for many years, she has a great deal of experience working with conditions such as subluxations, headaches, migraines, scoliosis, neck/shoulder/back/leg pain, ear infections, athletic injuries, just to name a few...

Her youngest patient was 4 hours old, her oldest was 99 years old.

She welcomes all and has worked with many, many pregnant and infertile women.  She is Webster certified, and has nearly completed a 200 hour course specializing in working with pre/during/post pregnant women, infants and children  

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Clients Satisfaction

Rivkah Rybak
Ain Li Milim - I have no words
6 years ago

11 years in Israel almost and finally HaShem sent Israel a gift from San Francisco, California. I made it my business, for my business to be at Binyan HaUmah and HaShem made it so I met Dr. Karen Goldsmith. I have had a few sports related injuries, a car accident and other physical traumas. A lot of work ahead to reset everything. Last Sunday I had my first adjustment and already noticed a change. A reduction in my asthma systems, my headaches reduced in intensity a bit and my shoulder that I could not lean on I can to some extent. What a blessing, thank you HaShem.

6 years ago

I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Karen. She is a caring, compassionate, Chiropractor who listens. I met Dr. Karen 6 months after making Aliya, I was suffering from Migraines and lower back pain. with a tailor made treatment program, I am feeling wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Karen, she truly has healing hands of gold!

Hudi Rose
A wonderful Experience!!!
6 years ago

I began chiropractic at the beginning of my 3rd pregnancy.I have Scoliosis and suffered from back and neck pain, physical and emotional problems most of my life. After a few sessions with Dr Karen I felt great! My children were suffering from hearing, visual and various physical problems which the medical field couldn't solve. After a number of sessions with Dr Karen, i saw great improvements!! they come weekly for adjustments and 'fight' to be first!!! Dr Karen's love and dedication make each session a pleasant experience! Dr Karen gave me, a worried mother 'a Ray of hope' for which I am so grateful!!! I reccommend chiropractics to anyone, It works!!!

Such a great Experience!
6 years ago

I started Chiropractic with Dr Karen at the beginning of my pregnancy. Already mother of 4 young children I was suffering from a strong sciatica and back pain. Today I am 7 months pregnant and I never felt so good! my sciatica is gone and I feel really great in my body! Thank you so much Dr Karen! Chiropractic really works! I truly recommend it to everybody!