Global Business Architect


Apr 10, 2024 | Resumes | Management | National
Global Business Architect
Full Time

Dear Sirs,

Perhaps you are currently seeking an International Business Development Executive with C-Suite & Board Member experience and proven track record reorganizing companies to increase revenues-expansion-new business developments, strategic partnerships, opening and developing markets at all levels, throughout The Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia (APAC).

If so, my credentials should be of interest.

Upon reviewing my credentials, you will note that I have forged strong business partnerships and negotiated international deals that have delivered 6-7 digits in incremental revenues. My strength lies in my ability to combine vision and strategic market planning with excellent relationship-building and negotiating strengths.

Representative of my accomplishments are the following:

  • Professional and corporate analysis to identify S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) at any company Hi-Tech company regardless of size/tier/field towards strategic growth and expansion plans in line with company’s needs.
  • Identified opportunities for business expansion based on market realities and company’s needs including introduction of new concepts, products, forging JVs, Distribution Agreements, Special Partnerships, M&As, and initiative licensing agreements.
  • Organized and built new markets efficient penetration in The Americas, Asia (Japan, and South East Asia) and Europe (thanks to an extensive developed network) that has driven exponential growth and generated millions of dollars in revenues, projected revenues, and royalties.
  • Strategic organized mindset acquired with listed companies roles, conceiving-planning-implementing-delivering with the overall organization’s strategic business needs.
  • Business network and knowledge of the IT/network infrastructure management software industry, with a differential understanding of customer’s needs and and market dynamics across different geographies.
  • Analytical, relaying on data, market and business trends, and performance metrics (inside and outside the frame).
  • Orchestrated turnarounds of under-performing operations, setting new operations indifferent countries and business-operations re-launchings for profitable operations.
  • Acquired global experience, ‘C level’ network, and knowledge of diverse business cultures.
  • Created strategic plans for expansion that targeted incremental revenues, including JVs and M&As across the globe.
  • Reformulated and built commercial teams with ‘out of the box’ SaaS commercial approach thru SDRs and BDM.
  • Acquired experience and knowledge from Low-Tech (Fashion Textiles & Retail) to High-Tech with SaaS, AI/GAI, BNPL solutions, and Data Management education across latest roles.
  • Managed operations of up to 450 employees with P&L over $100MM.
  • Mastered a Global Business Architecture with successful global results in terms of growth-expansion, and funding sources globally.

At this career stage, I am carefully analyzing professional projects/roles in Israel to move my career to the level where I can apply all global experience-network and C level experience, even in a different level within the organization for the best possible contribution.

Professional references from various industries and companies from The Americas to Asia available upon request.

With kind regards,

Javier Brandwain.