Timely NLP Seminar


Timely NLP Seminar
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 31/10/2023 31/10/2023 Starts 08:45 Ends 09:30
[email protected] 052-763 7029

How to Manage Negative Emotional States

Zoom Seminar given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory
Certified NLP Master-Practitioner

Negative emotional states can interfere with our daily functioning.

In this seminar you will learn
--understanding how we create our emotional states
--how we can change our emotional states
--a relaxation technique to reduce stress, worry, and nervous tension

This Tuesday evening,
טז' חשון (Oct. 31) at 8:45 PM

The seminar is free.
To receive a Zoom link or for more information email: [email protected]


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