Kabbalah and Self-Healing 1 ✨ Healing with the Sefirot ✨


Kabbalah and Self-Healing 1 ✨ Healing with the Sefirot ✨


Kabbalah and Self-Healing 1 

Healing with the Sefirot 



If you are interested in healing your life, gain awareness of the spiritual light that surrounds you, and tap into its healing properties you will gain a wealth of information and spiritual healing techniques in this course. You will learn a comprehensive understanding of the deeper meaning of the Sefirot (Hashem’s Kabbalistic Emanations) and how to use them in healing. 

If you already have a background in various Eastern healing methods you will welcome learning to differentiate between the Jewish and the Eastern modalities of healing. Packed with Torah texts, meditations and spiritual healing exercises this intensive course will, moreover, provide you with useful skills for true forgiveness.

The course includes:The Sefirot – 

*The Interface between Hashem and the World

*Spiritual Exercises and meditations to cleanse and open the various Sefirot

*The Root of Sickness: Imbalance of the Right and Left side of the Tree of Life.

*Healing Meditation to balance the Sefirot

*Body Mind & Soul – Rav Ginsburgh’s Sefirotic System of CorrespondenceThe difference between the Sefirot and the Eastern Energy system

*Ways to use the wisdom of the Eastern Energy System in a Jewish context

*Forgiveness – מחילה/mechila –Clearing Negative Feelings from the Heart

*Heart Wall/Spiritual Cholesterol

*EmunaHealing Exercise: To get rid of pent up guilt, pain, grudge etc.

Registration and course outline class starts Sunday, August 15!