3D Therapist


3D Therapist
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Prefer not to take pills to cover up pain, anxiety, headaches, depression, IBS, chronic fatigue, urinary incontinece or what ever else has been plaguing you lately?
Have you tried Western medicine and been dissatisfied with the answers or uncomfortable with the risks and side effects?
Do you have emotions such as anger and guilt or feelings of low self esteem? 
3D Therapy is an interesting, enlightening and risk free way to manage, control, and be rid of many of today's common physical, emotional and mental health issues.
In 3D Therapy we will explore your personal emotions, sensations and beliefs that are causing your own bundle of health problems. Through working through these issues in an organized manner, you will feel noticibly freer, healthier and more capable of moving forward in your life.
Women only please.
Very reasonably priced. 
Flexible schedule.
Centrally located.