Discover the heroic stories that forged Israel! Special offer!


Discover the heroic stories that forged Israel! Special offer!

I highly recommend trying out Segula Jewish history magazine, which is really interesting reading - and they have a great special on now!

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Get your fix of Jewish history – 2 for 1 special offer!

In these challenging times, Jewish history serves as an anchor, reminding us of what we’re fighting for in Israel.

We'd like to send you the latest issue of Segula Magazine, which will offer such an anchor, as well as another recent issue FREE!

In the current issue, you’ll discover the indomitable spirit and heroic stories that forged the State of Israel – featuring Yosef Trumpeldor, Holocaust survivors and ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students who took up arms. In a recent issue you’ll encounter the people who crossed borders and boundaries to embrace their Jewish identity.

Receive two magazines for only 69 NIS (50% discount), including postage in Israel (or $25 internationally).

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Segula Magazine introduces you to the figures who shaped the history of our people and to stories that you have never heard before. Superbly written, meticulously researched, and lavishly illustrated with maps, timelines and more.

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