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Body in Mind - The First Pilates studio in Jerusalem

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43a Emek Refa\\\'im Street Jerusalem

Body in Mind is the first Pilates studio to be opened inJerusalem. We have been proudly operating since 1999, and ever since, we have conscientiously maintained our special combination of a highlyprofessional instruction level together with a personalized attitude of both theteaching and administrative staff alike.

Our original studio is located on Emek Ref’aim Street, at thecenter of the picturesque German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem. The peacefulatmosphere of this studio is unique. Our loyal clientele of over 200 regularclients is comprised of men and women of all ages, shapes and occupations. Manyof them are newcomers to Israel of various nationalities and all of our teacherscommunicate in English, when required. While in class, all clients concentrateon body art, side by side, in harmony. Political views – just like cell-phonesare “turned off” before class begins.

In all three Body in Mind Studios, we offer Pilates classes, either private, semi-private (2 persons) or small classes of up to 5 clients. The personal attention and detailed work of the instructors with each clientenables a personal pace and advancement suitable to her/his needs andabilities, and at the same time, the natural flow of the other clients’ simultaneous session is not disturbed.

The personalized program we build for each client includes balanced work on thevarious parts of the Body, on strength and flexibility as well as on theflexibility of the Mind. In the Pilates method we see a path to learn to knowour body, to understand how it operates and to be assisted by our new insightsin our “normal” life as well, life out of the studio. Thus, we try to installmovement patterns that are better and more efficient than the wrong patternswhich were previously learnt and used.

In 2007 we opened our second studio, on the beautiful RothschildBlvd, in center Tel Aviv and in 2008, we opened the third studio, on Yigal Yadin Street (Dimri), in Modi’in. It is important for us to communicate that we do notconsider ourselves a “chain” but rather a small “Family” of Pilates studios.  The warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere in each and every one of ourstudios compliments the high professional level of our Pilates teachers.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to take the first step, but when one does step in and begins to work, one often is taken by theefficiency of our method, the quality of the instructors and the special charmof Body in Mind, Pilates Studio.

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