German for Beginners - online


German for Beginners - online
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Learn German - online, simple and independently!

The online intensive course is designed for total beginners and for people with a basic knowledge of German.

This Beginners lessons in German will teach you essential speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as a solid understanding of the structure of the language. The teaching language is German right from the first lesson.

The lessons are held Mondays through Thursdays (you can choose days and hours) and will be taught remotely online. The emphasis in this course is on listening and speaking. The lessons focus on language that is required in authentic situations.

In this course, you will learn basic knowledge of German and improve your communication skills

Online course offer for teens 12+ and adults.

Duration: approx. 50 hours (60 min each)

Reasonable prices !

Tel. 054 604 21 73

E-mail: [email protected]