Urgent: Mediator Needed, with a twist


Urgent: Mediator Needed, with a twist
0547924438 [email protected]

Looking urgently for an excellent mediator, ideally English-speaking or someone who can at least understand English, doesn't matter if a woman or a man. Needs to have a serious backbone.

Ideally has experience with divorced parents who cannot have direct contact.

Looking for a middle person for long-term decision-making around our teen daughter, schedule-building, and passing messages as needed for more time-sensitive situations (sometimes none at all, during certain periods it may be higher frequency).

Ideal in Jerusalem and surrounding area, but open to anywhere in the country, with the understanding that most meetings will need to be by Zoom if that is the case.

Any and all leads are greatly appreciated.

Whatsapp is ideal, but e-mail works, too.

Thanks so much...

Aviva Eliana


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