Do you Understand how your Pension Plan Works?


Do you Understand how your Pension Plan Works?

Let me help and assist you with your various pension plans!

The companies here do not explain much, if anything and lots of them lose you money every year.

I have worked in the industry and developed an understanding of the rules, regulations and other important information.  

A pension should be something secure and not taken for granted.  

I am more than willing to offer anyone assistance, whether you are just starting out or have had a plan for years.  

I can help you understand, help you deal with the investment banks and let you see what else is out there to help you secure your future.

I want to help and I want these companies to stop taking advantage of Israeli citizens.  

And while I cannot offer this service for free, it really is close enough to free.

So anyone who feels satisfied with this service and recommends me to a friend or family member will get 50% off!

Please do yourselves a favor and take advantage of this offer.  Even if you're currently out of work, you can make sure your pension plan is secure and working for you!

If you are interested please give me a call at 054-640-2817 or at [email protected]

All the best,

Ari Berkowitz


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