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Lice Removal Specialist

My name is Bethia Rubinstein and I am a professional Lice Removal Specialist.

Below are a just some of the reasons that you will want to call me.

1 Your child has itchy hair.

2 You have a Simcha to attend & a member of the family is scratching.

3 Your child is embarrassed to go to school but doesn't give a reason.

4 Your child refuses treatment due to a feeling of humiliation or despair.

5 Other members of the family are itchy, including parents & Grandparents.

6 Your child is going to be a a bridesmaid at your son's wedding (do you really want to see her scratching her head in the video?).

7 You are travelling abroad and would prefer to arrive at your destination lice free!

8 The Grandparents are stressed about potential infestations.

9 You want to avoid re-infestion.

10 You don't have time or patience to deal with lice infestations yourself.

11 You want a Lice Removal specialist who is professional, warm, caring & reliable.
FACT: The longer one waits to treat lice, the harder the treatment will be!

Don't wait until the infestation becomes unmanageable!

NEW!! Fun activities for your child to keep busy during treatment!
A healthy head contributes to the physical, mental and emotional well being of your child and enables him/her to concentrate more effectively in both school and in the home.

Below are a few examples of recently relieved mothers:

"Baruch Hashem a professional mother came to the rescue with the Lice
situation and offered to clean us out for a very reasonable fee. She
patiently combed through for five hours, maintaining a happy
environment to include no crying children. I highly recommend Bethia!"
C. S Ramat Beit Shemesh

"I want to give a recommendation for Bethia. She spent so much time
with my daughter, and its been several weeks, and my daughter is lice
free. She gives very clear guidelines on how to keep the lice away,
and is just so careful and thorough, and does not finish until the job
is finished. Thank you Bethia for your help"
Anon RBS

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 12:34:53 +0300
" I would like to personally recommend Bethia of lice busters who came
and methodically cleared my daughters lice. We have been fighting a
battle for over a year now using various different lice removal
sprays, nothing worked and the lice kept coming back!
Bethia came to my house and spend about 5 hours thoroughly cleaning
and checking for lice. She has an amazing system and left my daughters hair sparkling! A week later Baruch HaShem she is still clear with not even an egg in
sight. Maintaining her hair now couldn't be easier.
Her name is Bethia . For further details please email me and I will be
happy to pass on her contact details."
Esther Richey RBS

"I would like to recommend Bethia to remove your child's lice. I had
been battling lice in my daughters hair for over a year, but could
never completely remove them. Eventually I turned to Bethia who came
over and successfully worked on my daughters hair. She was so patient
and entertaining with my daughter and had a lovely way with her.
Bethia was able to achieve what I thought was impossible. My daughter
has now been lice free for over two weeks, and I can finally relax
about the hair situation. I am happy to privately talk to anyone who
wants a recommendation, just ask Bethia for my number."
Rebecca Finesilver

For more information, kindly either text me (not whilst driving!) or call or email me.

Bethia Rubinstein
Cell: 0504910614
E mail: [email protected]

Let's wipe them out ... TOGETHER!

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