DavidShield - International Medical Insurance


DavidShield - International Medical Insurance

DavidCard – The smart card that provides people living abroad with a unique platform to receive a wide range of medical services. The card is a simple and efficient way for the holder to receive advanced medical services without any out-of-pocket payments. DavidCard will process the payment for your medical services. DavidCard lets members choose their healthcare providers abroad and covers the following services:

  • Doctor visits
  • Purchasing prescription medication
  • Laboratory tests
  • Imaging
  • Emergency room visits

All you have to do is call DavidShield’s service center, by telephone or Skype, using your area’s toll-free number found in the list of toll-free numbers on our website. A DavidShield representative will direct you the appropriate medical service provider for your area and will load your card with the requisite cash amount to cover medical expenses. After you have spoken with our service center, payment to the medical service provider is made by swiping the DavidCard. How do we know how much money to load on the card? DavidShield has 14 years of experience in international health insurance and we know how much each medical service costs in every country around the world. Our systems are constantly being updated with the most current information on the costs of medical services.