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Clients Satisfaction

Great bar-mitzvah photography
1 year ago

Elazar Shenny was the photographer for my son's bar mitzvah. Great photos, very pleased! They've got that "cinematic" quality that makes them look like each photo is a scene from a movie. Highly recommended if you want great photos and courteous anglo service!

A Very Gifted Photographer
1 year ago

Speaking from personal experience of his work, I can highly recommend this very talented photographer who is pleasant to work with and patient and responsive to your wishes. Mr. Shenny's photos will capture your simcha beautifully (bris, bar mitzvah, engagement, etc.) and give you and your family lasting pleasure. He is especially gifted in portraiture - the perfect answer when you need those family photos. And you won't have to break the bank either!

Ruth Dubin
No. 1
1 year ago

The best photographer we ever met! You don't find such a service in Israel. Elazar is very pleasant, catches the important moments, and has very good prices. Highly recommended!

Tal Gellis
An artistic talent
1 year ago

Elazar is a wonderful and gentle person to work with. He captures shots with an artistic eye and a creative flair. He is professional and has reasonable rates. It was a pleasure using his services.