Care of elderly consultant


Care of elderly consultant


My name is Chaya Ramati, and I have been working for twenty years as a certified consultant specializing in guidance and placement for senior citizens homes, assisted living and residential solutions for the elderly.As part of my job, I accompany those who turn to me from the stage of wondering to the actual transition phase, with all that entails.

I make sure to know my clients well, to diagnose their medical and mental condition, and to paint their needs and desires accurately, in order to adapt them to the best housing solution for them. The decision and the transition are not simple, neither for the elderly nor for the family. My goal is to make it easier for you, to help you, to give you tips and recommendations from my experience and to get to know the best places in Israel.

In addition, I help to adapt the place to the budget available to you and make sure that your rights are fulfilled and expressed. I love my work, I love working with the elderly, and I give my services full attention, with great understanding and sensitivity.