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Dog daycare and boarding, pension in Central Tel Aviv.

0524760052 [email protected]
Zamenhof 13

My name is Adam Kreis and I am pack leader at KB5 Doggy Experience, a top notch dog day care and pension,  boarding for your beloved furry family member.  I provide day care and boarding from my roof top apartment in central Tel Aviv. I am the proud owner of 6 beautiful babies,  which are the base of my pack.  I have a vast knowledge of dog behavior and psychology and love to love your babies when you can't.  My apartment is completely dog friendly,  the dogs have private access to the roof and or they are able to lounge around in the AC on our 2 L shaped couches.  We have toys,  Bones,  and guaranteed great times at KB5 Doggy Experience.  Look us up at:

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