Miles Translations- IRS Audit Translation Service


Miles Translations- IRS Audit Translation Service

Miles Translations is an accounting and audit translation service. Have an IRS audit? We'll help you get through it!

Native English

All documents are translated or reviewed by a native English speaker to ensure natural results.

Educated and resident of Israel

All our translators live in Israel and have completed their secondary or higher education in Israel. We understand Hebrew language, the culture and the people. We understand what all the abbreviations and special Hebrew terms mean to ensure that you get an accurate result.

Final review by Rivki Miles

Rivki Miles, our chief translator, reviews every final document.

Attention to formatting and accuracy

We translate Hebrew tax documents to look like the same tax document in English. Our commitment to quality goes beyond accurately translating Hebrew to English. The English translation documents look right too!

Stamp of approval

We stamp your English translation documents with our company stamp as a sign of quality assurance.

Tax Documents

We have translated thousands of Israeli tax documents including Forms 106, pay slips, bank statements, civil registries, certificates and more. Our translations are designed and formatted to look like the original Hebrew documents, to ensure accuracy and confidence.

Private and Confidential. Your privacy is important to us. We protect your documents at the same level that we protect our most confidential information.

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