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Who am I?

I am an English Speaking Professional Level Mountain Biker from the States. I am currently based in Ashkelon and train most of my clients by the beach here. I do speak Hebrew poorly after Ulpan A but I can get by.

My life has been devoted to training, fitness, nutrition, alternative healing, bicycling, martial arts and more.

My personal goal as of late was to get stronger and more leaner muscle mass then I had when I was in my 20's and 30's as I am now 45.

I feel I have achieved this goal, and reduced my healing / recovery times to the levels I had as much younger man. Now I want to share my system with you

My System is for both men and women of all ages, and it focuses 65% on diet / nutrition and 35% on exercise / fitness.

Who doesn't want to discover the fountain of youth by simply changing their diet, and throwing in a bit of exercise.

My Client Criteria

However there is a catch, and I am vary particular about my clients I train, as I only want serious clients who can achieve the results they desire, so we should talk first via email to see if we think there is a match, and then if you would like we can begin with a consultation for a fee of $200 NIS per hour. A minimum one hour consultation is required to properly give you the necessary time you need.

During our one or more hour consultation we can work on developing the right program for you that meets your budgetary constraints and the amount of actual personal one on one training time you need vs. only raw instruction / accountability follow ups. Plus based on your timeline goals (if they are reasonable) we need to address the intensity of your program taking into consideration your current physical condition, age and diet.

The Training Scene

Living by the beach I see a lot of trainers with various types of clients, many who appear to want to lose weight as their primary goal. It is sad to say this, but I feel like these trainers don't really care much about their clients. Based on what I see during their fitness programs, they don't pay attention to them when they are actually working out, and their client's form is often very poor during exercise and they don't even correct them. To me that is a waste of money and a recipe for injury.

That is not the way I run my training program / work with my clients. You will truly receive the one on one professional level of personal training you deserve. I am not in it to waste either of our time, and I don't just want your money, I want results. That is what will make both of us happy.

Contact me via email if you are looking for that full lifestyle makeover geared towards both men and women of all ages, and even amateur to professional level athletes who want an edge.


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