The Armenian Quarter - For Sale

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The Armenian Quarter - For Sale
5,300,000 NIS 4.5 Rooms
95 m² Laundry room, Renovated, Garden Agent FeldTeam 0529565228 [email protected]
The Armenian Quarter Jerusalem

Amazing apartment with lots of storage space in the Armenian Quarter!

most convenient location
Above the Cardo so the walk to the train is very short.

Renovated to a very high degree! Perfect kitchen - amazing marble (Granite), solid wood cabinets, two ovens. Infinite storage! Cabinets in bedrooms, a huge library inside the wall, coat cabinets, and more surprises!

- 4.5 rooms.
- 3 bedrooms
- Huge dining room and living room.
- Laundry room.
- 75 meters built + 29 meters Sukkah garden.
- Ground floor + private entrance.
- lots and lots of built in storage throughout the apartment- bookshelves, cabinets, and closets.

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