Jerusalem Fitness Michael Berezin


Jerusalem Fitness Michael Berezin

"Let me help you become the best version of yourself"

Michael Berezin from Jerusalem Fitness is a Certified Fitness Trainer with a specialty in “Exercise Therapy” and “Specialized Training for Older Adults / Seniors” from the International Sports Sciences Association located in Santa Barbara, California.  He got his BA in Psychology at Yeshiva University and soon after moved to Israel, where he studied Holistic Swedish Massage and Anatomy and Physiology at the Riedman School for Complimentary Medicine located in Jerusalem, Israel.  In addition to Michael’s private business, he worked in the Tair Center for Parkinsons, where he provided fitness therapy for people suffering from neurological impairments.   Michael has experience working with clients of all different fitness and health goals, including weight loss, strength training and muscle building,  better mobility and functioning, post injury rehabilitation, and teaching the basic fundamentals of fitness to instill fitness independence. 

Michael has a unique understanding of the body as well as human behavior based on his experience in fitness training, massage therapy and psychology. 

He has created a program based around exercise, physical therapy and pain-relief based massage to improve physical functioning, mobility and reduce pain. 

"Helping people feel their best and be their best, no matter their age or circumstance, is my ultimate goal"