Writer, researcher, editor position needed


Mar 24, 2021 | Jobs | Writing | National
Writer, researcher, editor position needed
Freelance / Contractor

Writer, researcher, editor position needed

CA Publishing is a US, English-based website company that is looking for an Israel-based writer for pet website. The demographic is woman over the age of 40 that are interested in a dogs. The writer that we seek must have drive and experience to work with articles, related graphics, and potentially social media posts.


+ Create unique, ready-to-publish, and engaging articles in English (typically 500-3000 words)

+ Brainstorm ideas

+ Content researcher

+ Research and create viral story content

+ Find or create graphics for story

+ Take screenshots of images

+ Reference / cite credible resources

+ Do basic keyword research

+ Optimize existing content

If technical training is needed, it can be provided upon request.

A stable internet connection and computer is needed.


41.15 ILS ($12.50 - US Dollars) for every 1000 words of content + content preparation

Paypal will be used for payments.

If you're interested, please email Terry: [email protected]


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