Hiring for a Personal Butler


Hiring for a Personal Butler

We are hiring for a Personal Butler

Here’s a link to apply:


Please read the whole job ad.

You will be working for Joe Cohen, who is a startup founder of 4 companies. He has been in Israel since Feb.

His goal is to not spend any time on personal tasks that can be delegated to others.

He expects high levels of proactiveness, which means you will know what to do before he tells you.

You will be working in Joe's home without any other employees there, so you must be comfortable in such an environment.

You will not be affiliated with his companies, as this is a personal position.

Job Type 

  • Part-time

  • Flexible schedule

  • Independent contractor (no benefits such as pension, medical, or any other benefits that employees have)

  • Job will be in Joe's home office (Byron st)

  • Fluent English and Hebrew required

  • Must be Proactive, Efficient, Organized and Reliable

  • Responsive, including during weekends

Example Personal Duties

These are the main tasks that Joe needs. This is approximately 20 hours a week of work. 

If an applicant wants full-time work, then Joe will assign business-related tasks, but only after his personal tasks are completed.

  • Cooking & preparing my shakes in the day

  • Cleaning/Tidying up apartment

  • Arranging & setting up dinners/parties/home events

  • Reaching out to people to invite to dinners (business development)

  • Shopping

  • Arranging laundry pickup/drop off

  • Arranging cleaners

  • Making Aliyah for Joe and dealing with Israeli bureaucracy

  • Paying bills

  • Arrange meetings

  • Answering/sending emails

  • Organizing paperwork

  • Manage personal social media


If you have any questions, you can email Joe's personal email [email protected]

Note: please complete the application and pre-screening within a few days of starting.

Here’s a link to apply: