Remote Radiology - US hours


Aug 04, 2023 | Jobs | Health | International
Remote Radiology - US hours
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Kramim 80a Mevasseret Zion

Evening US hours - part time teleradiology assistant

At Remote Radiology Int, we have a unique opportunity for an assistant in Israel or abroad. We are looking for someone with availability to work 8-11pm EST. In Israel, that works out to 3-6am most of the year. We need 5 nights a week - Monday through Friday.

The job involves helping prepare files and images for radiologists to interpret. Besides preparing the studies, it’s necessary to be in touch with the hospitals, techs and doctors. 

We provide full training for qualified applicants. Please feel free to forward this job opp to anyone abroad. The main requirements are:

  1. Native English speaker.
  2. Owns a Windows PC with internet and a mobile phone.
  3. Ability to multi-task under pressure.

A medical background or medical secretary background helps, but is not mandatory.

This is a long-term position with flexibility for more hours. 

Please contact me with your job qualifications and availability. [email protected]


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