Gr8 Speech - your online solution to speech therapy


Gr8 Speech - your online solution to speech therapy
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Need a speech therapist? Whether you are an adult or child, Hebrew or English speaking, Gr8 Speech Inc. can provide clinical services to you in the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer!

Gr8 Speech provides one-on-one, live, interactive speech therapy worldwide using web conferencing technology (think Skype but more sophisticated). We treat a broad range of speech disorders and a wide range of clients, ranging from age 5 to 85. Our team of therapists are equally diverse-they speak multiple languages and each has their own niche. Some deal with children, some adults. Other are specially trained to treat stuttering, aphasia, or accent reduction and more.

For more information on Gr8 Speech Inc. and to find out how we can best provide services to you, please visit or call us at  (054) 844-4113.