The Potential Me


The Potential Me
054-8032427 [email protected]
Halamed Hey, Katamon, Jerusalem

Individual Therapy and Workshops for women using Guided Imagery and N.L.P. techniques.

I run various courses and workshops, these include:

 "Lighten the Load'   a 3 part workshop for women on letting go of clutter, past relationships and old habits that are holding you back.

Guided Imagery Course -  A 3 part course for mental health professionals, teaching the basics of Guided Imagery,

I have a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work,  I am a N.L.P. (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) Master's Pracitioner and a Guided Imagery therapist.Since qualifying as a social worker twenty years ago, I have worked in various non-profit organizations, working particularly with  women through various life events, using individual and group therapy.

Indivdual therapy is short-term, goal orientated, and allows for deep change both personally and professionally. Having married later in life, I found that these techniques were invaluable in helping me to find a lasting, healthy relationship. I currently run workshops and give individual sessions to women who would like to overcome obstacles on the road to marriage. From both personal and professional experience, I have found these tools to be extremely effective.

 I invite you to experience the powerful techniques of Guided Imagery and NLP for yourself! 

I am available via skype, or in my office in Jerusalem.