ELIYAHU air conditioning


ELIYAHU air conditioning


Specializes in:

Installing & Repairing Air Conditioners

Repairing Household Appliances

SmallFix-it Jobs Around the House

Consumer Consultation: Enabling you to be a smarter purchaser.

Government Certified


Sells All Types of AC Units:

On the wall split units

Central units

Inverter technology


RepairsAll types of AC

Installsall types of AC

APPLIANCES: fixes stoves, ovens, refrigerators, washer/dryer.

Sellsgood used appliances.


Putting Up Shelves

Putting Together Closets

Installing LightFixtures

Fixing & InstallingToilets, Water Taps & Sockets

And Practically AnythingElse You Need Done!

WATERBOILERS: Fixes & Installs Water Boilers

CONSULTANCY: Consulting services for installing AC inNew Houses.



Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, BeitShemesh


Eliyahu 0506731173

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Clients Satisfaction

Dan Ashburn
Highly recommended
3 years ago

Eliyahu quickly diagnosed the problem with our central air conditioning unit, worked diligently to fix it, and took the time to make sure it was really working properly before leaving. Honest, friendly, and reasonably priced. Thanks Eliyahu!

Elchai Finn
4 years ago

5 stars

Marilyn S Becker
Great A/C man
4 years ago

Eliahu installed 4 A/C units in my apartment when we first bought it. He discussed in detail the pros and cons of different types of units. He took his time and was patient with my questions. He even talked me out of replacing one that was already in the apartment. Several months later I needed one of the outside units moved to accommodate some additional work. I called and he responded quickly. It took him most of the day and his price was very reasonable for the amount of work he did. I know he will stand behind his work and will be there for me if any trouble arises. Nice and pleasant to work with. Would recommend him to anyone.

Shoshana and Ron Balofsky
Highly Recommend
4 years ago

We have been using Eli for over 10 years for fixing appliances, house repairs and every kind of fix-it job. Eli is honest, skilled, extremely knowledgeable always does an excellent job.

Joe Klein
Repair by eliyahu
4 years ago

Eliyahu was so amazing and so helpful!! He even had to come back a few times to help us and he was beyond nice!! highly recommended!!!!!

Yitzchok D. Hurwitz
4 years ago

Eliahu installed a new AC for us. We were impressed by his responsiveness, knowledge, honesty, thoroughness, and pleasantness; and we're pleased with the device that he chose for us. We would hire him again without hesitation.

Great service, a real mentch
4 years ago

Eliyahu fixed my broken washing machine quickly and skillfully. He also came the same day I called him, and bought a replacement part for the broken piece in one day. He also showed me how to check a certain part of the washing machine in order to avoid problems down the road. He did all this with my kids hovering over him. Great service, a real mentch.

Rena Sered
Great Handy Man
4 years ago

Eliyah has helped me out many times. He responds quickly. Eliyahu is very professional and skilled. He has fixed our frig, washing machine, installed electric sockets and recently serviced out AC unit, fixed our gas stove top and dishwaher door! Eliyahu ended up saving us money by extending the lifetime of our electrical appliances and his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend him.

Zev Stub
5 years ago

Eliyahu is always a pleasure to work with. We had him install a second A/C last night. Great!

Benny Halberstadt
Pleasant to deal with
5 years ago

He changed the compressor in an old AC, he seemed efficient and professional and was certainly pleasant to deal with. I would take him again if the need arises

Yaacov Prupis
Great service
7 years ago

We refer Eliyahu to many of our customers. He is very knowledgeable, is very efficient and gives great service. Highly recommended.

Adam Perlman
Eli is great!
9 years ago

Eli has helped me (saved me) a lot over the years with many appliance issues. He also installed a new inverter air conditioner system in our house which has been flawless. Eli is very fair, knowledgeable,and does excellent work. I highly recommend him.

9 years ago

Eli has saved us on more than one occasion from freezing and melting to death when our heater/AC went down for the count. Plus he's honest, trustworthy, very knowledgeable and a mentsch.

Hillel Zeren
Great and Professional
9 years ago

We recently moved in to a brand new house. We needed 6 a/c units placed in various places in the house. Eli sat with us and discussed all of the pros and cons of different kinds of units. He also gave us great practical advice about optimal placement for air flow, etc. We pleasant the whole time and never once tried to push in to more then what we wanted. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Dina Ariel
9 years ago

I highly recommend Eli for any type of repair you need. He is a skilled workman who takes pride in doing a good job, even in difficult circumstances.

Highly Recomended
9 years ago

Very dedicated to his clients, knows what he

orli naaman
10 years ago

I called Eliyahu concerning our refrigerator, and was amazed how quickly he came. Wonderful warm kind man, honest. I felt an immediate trust in him as well as in his knowledge of his work. He did not do work that he felt was not needed. I found his name on this list and would freely recommend him.

adam mallerman
10 years ago

What a great guy, very honest called back straight away- and knew his stuff! would highly recommend him to all!!!!

Zev Stub
Very good
11 years ago

Eliyahu is a very nice guy, helpful, and honest. In addition to being a great serviceman, he has helped out speaking with Israeli servicemen and saving us from getting ripped off. Highly Recommended!

Karen Greene
Excellent Electrician
12 years ago

Eliyahu is an excellent electrician. Efficient, thorough, kind and very reasonably priced for such a skilled electrician. I highly recommend him. He fixed our oven and our washer. Karen