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Barak Exterminators
0523-763-879, 0525-689-573 [email protected]

30 years experience. We can handle all types of pests, including:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Mice
  • Bees
  • Pigeons
  • Snakes (specializing)
  • Slugs
Many references from happy customers available. 

We use natural materials. No need to leave the house while we work. 

English speakers. Available 24 hours a day. 

Exterminator License number: 3928


Clients Satisfaction
Barak Excellent - five stars
2 months ago

My experience with Barak was excellent...he is very professional and was very forthcoming in explaining not only the treatment procedure, but what chemicals he was using. David is well spoken in English and Hebrew, got the job done, not in a rush, but in a careful, methodical way. He called several days later to followup and sent one of his workers to do a second treatment...very successful. It is unfortunate that the previous reviewer, Yehudit Abrams chose to write such a nasty, unprofessional and vitriolic review...she i obviously can not afford the service...there was no burning sensation...she is most likely looking to get money back...typical!!!! Sad...i highly recommend David Barak.

Yehudit Abrams
Unlicenced and therefor illegal to use!
2 months ago

Please be advised Barak Exterminators are unlicensed and will use agents in your home and refuse to tell you what they use. David came to our home, reassured us we and our cats did not need to leave. The agents they used made our cats sick, and left a burning sensation on my face. His son did all the work, which was piecemeal, and gave me faulty advice about not having to worry about my curtains or a mattress topper, where I found nests after they left. Contact the exterminators union before hiring an exterminator, never pay cash, and refuse their service without proof of license and legal guarantee (not a business card with a date).

Cindy Walker
No Mice for Men
7 months ago

Barrak completely eradicated the mice in my flat, stopping all the holes, leaving behind secondary devices if I needed them in the future if i had a problem, cleaned up their filth in the couch where I didn't even know they were getting into. I definitely recommend!

Cindy Walker
No of Mice and Men. Mice out!
7 months ago

I called to have my flat exterminated of mice. Although they were late arriving to my flat by several hours, they fully plugged up all the internal holes, made sure there weren't any mice currently in the apartment and gave a 1 year guarantee on mice activity hereafter. I definitely recommend them despite the delay in arrival!

Esther Korson
7 months ago

My apartment, adjacent to a large garden, had become a virtual mouse hotel. Barak came the same day that I phoned and within 3 hours had solved the problem. They sealed up all of the entrances and cleaned all of the places where the mice had been. It was such a relief to be mouse-free! The mouse hotel is now closed! I give them my highest recommendation for thoroughness and efficiency. Thank you, Barak!

Erica Sassoon
9 months ago

We highly recommend Barak. They came the same day we called. They were very helpful in alleviating the stress, treating the problem quickly and were very patient answering our many questions. Their price was competitive with other services and their customer service was exceptional.

Yitz Jacob
They saved us from a rat infestation!
9 months ago

We called them and they showed up the same day. Set some traps, assessed the situation and returned the next day to seal up all the potential holes through which the rats were entering or even might be entering the house. The following night, there was still a rat on the loose in our home, so they returned the following day, sealed up some more potential holes they found, searched in the rooms where we had seen the rat, but couldn't find it. They returned for three more days consecutively, searching every inch of the house, even answering phone calls at midnight about how to handle the rat and trap it in one room. Finally they were able to locate and eliminate this last wily straggler who kept us up at night. We're free! They are experienced experts who worked tirelessly to solve our rat woes, and I can't possibly thank them enough for staying committed to the task with continued concerted efforts (they had as many as 4 people here at various points in the search) and for returning our sanity.

eli Feldman
Talented and professional
1 year ago

1 year ago

Barak came to us for an extermination, after a pleasant conversation with him on the cell phone he explained the entire process of the pest control. What is permitted and what is forbidden. He arrived at the appointed time. Gave excellent service with responsibility and the possibility to ask questions without fear. Highly recommend a reliable, dedicated and caring people. Uses only natural substances that are not dangerous. Highly recommend !

Very Pleased!
2 years ago

We were very pleased with the services. We had a mice problem. Now we can sit in the comfort our home without the worries of mice shooting out from the corners. Well done job! We highly recommend this company. You will not be disappointed. They guarantee their work.

Michael Wolberger
Bedbugs - NO MORE!
2 years ago

As soon as we found Barak we knew we found the right guy for the job. Barak is a great guy who is well spoken and extremely generous with information. He helped us understand what bedbugs are, and what we need to do, step by step -- answering our relentless questions until we had none left. Within one day Barak was already at my house getting to work. Not only did Barak get rid of the bedbugs (infestation!), he also went out of his way to fix cracks in the floor tiles, fasten loose plugs back into the wall and used his miracle spray to get rid of mold that was growing on the walls -- all of which he offered to do for the original price! Overall, Barak's performance was outstanding: fast, efficient and pleasant. Highly recommend. Five stars.

carrie spector
2 years ago

super nice guy, very reliable and caring. gave us a year guaranty. took beds apart and put back together! i really recommend him.

We are bed bugs free
2 years ago

Barak exterminator is very knowledgeable ,honest and caring.We had an infestation of bedbugs, he explained in detail what we can keep and what to throw,his extermination was very successful and a nice experience too.He was the only one that offered a year guaranty.He even took our baby's crib to his workshop to do further work and brought it ready to use .I definitely recommend him for anyone that needs a reliable and honest extermination service