Let mediation help ease the pain of divorce


Let mediation help ease the pain of divorce

Professional mediation services by a licensed family therapist. Reach agreement about custody, visitation, child support and division of assets through a process that is endorsed by Israel Family Court and Beit Din. Quicker, more respectful and more economical than litigation. 

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Clients Satisfaction

philip zacutto
6 years ago

I was hesitant about using a mediator for our divorce, not knowing too much about the process. I was pleasantly surprised. Jonathan was professional, knowledgeable, and understanding(and he's also a rabbi!). Divorce is never easy but in our case we could have spent years and heaps of money fighting it out in court. Looking back we saved ourselves time, money, and heartache. Also the process definitely helped me grow as a person. If you have to get divorced this is the way to do it.