Shomer Shekalim Objective Pension Consulting


Shomer Shekalim Objective Pension Consulting

My job it to make sense of the Israeli Pension and Insurance system and assist Israelis in using that information to take control of their finances.

I assist my clients in:

 – Choosing the right pension for them and making sure the money is invested wisely and in accordance with my clients’ needs

 – Reviewing the insurance in the pension, purchasing supplemental insurance and getting rid of unnecessary insurance

 – Minimizing fees, saving many clients hundreds of thousands of shekels over the life of their pensions

Do you have a question about your pension?  Call me at 052-790-6824 for a free 15 minute consultation.

Services I offer:

Pension / Hishtalmut / Insurance Review: NIS 1,000

If you’re looking to get an objective review of your pension, its investments and insurance, and the fees you’re paying then this is the option for you.  We meet once (either in person or via skype) to review your pension, keren shihtalmut and life and heal insurances.  During this conversation I will work with you to ensure you understand everything you have as well as the various options available in the marketplace.  As per Israeli law, all advice comes with a written summary for future reference.

Pension Consulting Starter Package: NIS 1,800

This is the ideal kind of pension advice for someone who has a pension or is about to get one and just needs someone to take a quick look at the investment strategies, insurance in the pension and fees.  This service includes the following three steps:

  1. Explaining the Israeli pension system and reviewing and/or choosing your pension
  2. Negotiating fees and ensuring that your pension is set up correctly with the proper investments and insurance
  3. A follow up meeting one you recieve your first report (דו”ח) from your pension company to make sure everything was set up correctly

Thorough Pension Consulting and Insurance Review: NIS 3,600

If you have a family, a pension and a host of potential insurance options being thrown at you, this is the ideal plan for you.  I will assist you in combing through all your pensions, kupot gemel, and insurance policies in order to give you a clear idea where you stand, what you have, what you need and what you can or should cancel.

Corporate Pension Consulting:  NIS 3,000 – NIS 25,000 depending on individual project

This could include a number of services such as advising in setting up company policy, auditing the terms and service of the company’s insurance agent and actual one on one consulting with each member of the company for individual pension consulting.  Price ranges depending on the work involved.

Other Services: 

There are lots of services here that I probably won’t think of in advance, but which are likely to occur.  For example, I recently had a client who needed a Pension Consulting starter package, but asked that I also I meet with his company’s agent.   Someone else asked just a simple review of a few insurances he and his family without any need for something as intricate as described above.  If you require something not listed above, please call me at 052-790-6824 and we’ll work out a price in accordance with the service required.

Satisfaction guaranteed.  Do not pay me a shekel unless you are 100% satisfied with the service you are receiving and the professionalism with which it comes.

As per Israeli law, all advice (phone meetings and meetings in person) comes with a written summary for future reference.