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Sustainable and Cost effective Road Construction

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The basic question to be asked while construction of roads in any area, is the stability of the soil over which it is to be built. The question of soil stabilization becomes even more important in case of road construction over deserts, ports, railways, landfills, reservoirs and hill slopes, where the soil is not as stable as it needs to be. PRS Neoweb is a leading name in providing the latest in soil stabilization technology, which makes a great deal of difference in road construction in remote areas and results in cost effective and sustainable roads here. It makes use of locally available materials, most of them recyclable, for infills, which makes the project eco friendly as well as brings down the costs to a great extent. Other benefits of this technology include ground improvement, erosion control and road base reinforcement. PRS Neoweb has already completed a number of projects around the world with this soil stabilization technique and the results have been excellent. These projects include paved roads, unpaved roads, reservoirs, railways, ports and platforms. The latest technique used by PRS Neoweb has made it a trusted global player in the field of stable and cost effective road construction.

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