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Energizing Massage - For Women

For Energy, For Flexibility, For Relaxation, For YOU! 

IlanaB Massage 
By appointment - 052-474-2795 - WOMEN ONLY

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THAI MASSAGE - Traditional Thai massage uses pressure and yoga stretches. It's done fully clothed with no oils or creams. This type of massage can be done on a massage table or more traditionally on thin mattresses on the floor.

After a Thai massage, you will feel energized and relaxed. You'll feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to your busy day. (150 NIS for 1 hour treatment)

THAI FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - Traditional Thai foot reflexology is more than just an ordinary foot massage. Each muscle in your foot is given attention and the reflexology points are stimulated with a wooden Thai massage stick.

After a session of Thai foot reflexology, you will feel generally relaxed and your feet will feel renewed. (100 NIS for 1 hour treatment)

SWEDISH MASSAGE - This is the most familiar, basic massage. The massage is done on a massage table with scented oil. 

After a Swedish massage, you feel relaxed and maybe ready for a nap. (150 NIS for 1 hour treatment.)


Clients Satisfaction

Lynda Bauer
2 years ago

5 stars

Jorge Berlin Marquez
2 years ago

We deep recommend Illana, we know her as ITM colleague and super Thai massage therapist . We were so lucky to meet her last year at our school in Chiang Mai and had the chance to do together some courses: what a beautiful experience! Be blessed dear Illana, all the best!