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Real-estate Agent Yoseph Tugenburg CEO

We are here to help you! Our goal is to build Jerusalem and find homes for you.

All located in Nachlaot, Nachlaot Achim, Rechavia, City Center.

Great deals and quality Apartments

Don’t miss out!

We offer a wide verity of apartments, that are suited to you needs, 

4 room apartments up to 6,000 nis - 6,500 nis a month

3 room apartments up to 4,800 nis-5.500 nis a month 

2 room apartments up to 3,00 nis - 4,700 nis a month

Studio apartments up to 3,200 nis - 3,700 nis a month

1+Month Agent fees apply 

Please call Yoseph Tugenburg at 054-663-1233

Email at [email protected]

Come visit our web site at

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