We at Emes Aish have made ourselves available to provide you with exhilarating aesthetics and performance. This is the perfect twist you were looking for in any upcoming event, whether a wedding, birthday, school or business event,

Natural fire creates a warm and elegant atmosphere no matter how your event is themed. Emes Aish wants to make your event incredible. Create the environment your special guests deserve!

Multiple performers of a variety of arts are at your call, ready to make your event unforgettable. Among our crafts you will find the martial arts, the juggling arts, fire eating and breathing, and many custom created large props not seen anywhere else. The time of a performance can run from one minute, the “in and out”, or up to a full hour show. If you choose, an atmosphere can be specified by you, so whether it will be scary, suspenseful, or comedic and fun we will try our best to comply with your wishes. No matter what, it is sure to be a thrill leaving the crowd wanting more!

We provide a clean, safe, and professional environment. Most of our crafts and creations use CONTROLLED WICKED FLAMES. EMES AISH DOES NOT USE GASSES, PETROL, FIREWORKS, OR OTHER EXPLOSIVE DEVICES OR MATERIALS. Our staff is trained and equipped with proper safety gear and thank GD have never been in the need of it.

Emes Aish takes pleasure in customizing specifically catered creations for our clients. The possibilities are vast with both aesthetics and performance. Tell us what your imagination has come up with and we will do our best to create it. There is no one in Israel that can offer our services and we love what we do!

Emes Aish crew


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(Shomer Shabbos)

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