Join Leah Aharoni's MasterACT program, helps women achieve goals


Join Leah Aharoni's MasterACT program, helps women achieve goals

Leah Aharoni – popular and experienced coach - is launching her MasterACT program, in which she will lead a small group of women over the coming months toward their goals.

I have personally known Leah for several years and can attest that she has what it takes to help you achieve your goals, while providing you with lots of tools, love and support.

I highly recommend checking out her program (that you can join from anywhere in the world).

The early registration price ends this Friday – don’t miss out!

See below for details (and the full info on Leah’s website).



If you could accomplish one thing this year, what would it be?

Would you change your career direction or look for a new better job?

Start a business or expand the one you already have?

Write a book? Teach a new seminar? Start a community project?

Create some long-needed changes in your home?

There is no better time to start working toward that goal than now. Hidden Torah teachings reveal that on Chanuka we get the first conscious glimpse of the achievements we can create during this year and from here on; every season has a special power to propel us forward in this journey.

And there is no better way of doing this than with the help of an experienced coach in a supportive community of other motivated, dedicated women, all working toward their goal.

This is your chance to join Leah Aharoni’s MasterACT program!

Leah is an experienced coach and Chassidut teacher and she combines the Torah’s understanding of human psychology and motivation with years of experience helping people create transformations in their personal, professional and business lives.

The program will run from January through June and include:

  • 4 intensive seminars (available in-person in Jerusalem, via ZOOM or recording) teaching you the Torah’s Annual Growth Blueprint and the Chassidic model of human psychology and motivation so that you have the tools to work independently going forward
  • Weekly ZOOM coaching session giving participants the tools and individual assistance on their work
  • A “private council” of women giving each other feedback, brainstorming, referring and supporting each other
  • A private session with Leah
  • Access to a wealth of Leah’s tools and worksheets for step-by-step advancement toward your goals.

The early-bird discount for this program is until this Friday, December 25 - so if you are interested, this is the time to apply.

For more information go to

You can also contact Leah directly with questions at [email protected] or 972-526852571


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