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Laughter Coaching and Therapy-1 on 1

" There is no much Laughter in Medicine But There is Much Medicine in Laughter" (Anonymus)

" The Inner Wars Are The Reason to The External Wars, Let Us Communicate by Smiling" (WLM Belachew Girma)

 Last Radio Interview with me frm Helsinki, Finland 22.5.2012 -On Gibberish, Laughter, "Man Plans But God Laughs"- how to laugh despite Surprises of Life and "Tzunamies" and how it is related to EPIGENETICS: 

Here is Alex Sternick <> ,Mentor and Enterpreneur, Initiator of Laughter Clubs in Israel since June 2004. Alex has been working with SaveTheChildren USA in South Ethiopia on 2003-2004 anda s a Laughter Therapist in Mother Teresa's Mission in Addis Ababa. Alex is a Universal Well Known Trainer who trains The Art of NONSENSE&Gibberish all over the world.

Alex Leads Gibberish Training in Berlin- 3042009- please reomove all pic's to the side- GibberishWorldTour Europe 2009:

Alex has trained over 80 Laughter Yoga Leaders in Israel since 2005. Having   a rich experience in working one on one with Cancer and Clinical Depression Patients.
Alex has been trained by Dr Annette Goodheart The Author of the Book " Laughter Therpy: How To Laugh on everything in your life that isn't really funny" and  by Dr Madan Kataria, whom he brought to Israel on December 2004 (

Alex sees his vision in using Laughter as Cathartic  rather than for entertainment- When you laugh on your problmes, disaster you make EPIGENETICS and this is the reason why Alex brought Belachew Girma of Ethiopia to Israel.Girma- World Lauhter Master from Ethiopia who was cured of HIVAIDS Israel on December 2009.
one more video with Belachew Girma- his self story:

On YouTube from The Israel and European Media 2005-2012:

The aims in Mentoring 1 on 1 in Laughter Therapy (using also technique of Laughter Yoga) is to provide with very easy and simple to practice REAL LIFE:
- Using Laughter Exercises while walking in the street, when feeling bad, in
order to feel better at the moment- You are more efficient in the Business Meeting!
- Improving of Body Language and Walking Posture, Facial Mimics, Eye Glance while on walk-Manipulation of Endorphins Secretion in order to feel better even if Life doesn't follow our expectations.
- Boosting Up the Immune System and self empowering every day. We don't need to wait for a group in order to laugh. What happens the day after the workshop? Laugh all way to health.
- Laughter has 2 aspects. Physical (L.Yoga, Humor etc). The Second one is the Philosophical one: Surprises of Life, Expectations and Disappointments- those affect our inner spirit of Laughter
- Using WOB (Wisdom of Body) to heal, change reality- hint of Quantum Theory. Boosting up The Vital Forces.

The most important thing is to focus on the very important issue: How to laugh also in bad times in order to feel better. Who is a Yogi of Laughter? The one who can choose to laugh while feeling bad in order to feel better, rather than waiting to favorable conditions for a good laugh! (not leaving our laughter to chance)
There is nothing important for us than our Immune System- what can be boosted up easily. The last important part of the aim in Laughter Therapy is  "emerging out of the
comfort-zone" means Self Empowerment.

Gibberish Therapy deals with Inner Spirit of Laughter (Nonsense"Man Plans God Laughs") . We will learn also how to sublime Anger into Nonsense (Anger Management) and how not to lose control while in anger..

Pricing: The first meeting lasts 90-100 minutes and costs 450 Shk. This is the main session as you get the most tools. The second meeting costs 300 Shk. From the third session you will pay just 200shk and it is necessary and recommended just for boosting up your daily practicing. Mentoring, Consultation and Help for optimal daily practicing is free of charge!

Please visit my Website+ Youtube-Videoclips of mine: Alex Sternick

Love Life and Laugh
All Smiles
Alex Sternick Moshav Dor Hof Hakarmel
In YouTube: Alex Sternick

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