Home Inspector


Home Inspector

Buying a home old or new?

A home inspection prior to buying can save you time, money and headache! You will know what you are buying and how much it will cost to fix. No guesswork, just a complete and thorough inspection that will help you make the right decision and be receivable in court.


Knowledge is leverage.

For only a fraction of the cost of the home, get a thorough report on the state of the property. You have up to one year after delivery of a new home to proceed to a home inspection by a certified professional so the report can be receivable in court. We hope you won't get there, but if it does: you are covered.

Hi, I'm Ofer Naon.

I am a Home Inspector licensed at the ministry of Labor. I have been working in the construction industry for more than 4 years. I provide my customer valued information for a fraction of the cost of the home.

The steps and benefits of a home inspection

1- I will perform a complete and thorough verification of the property. Any defect is documented and photographed.

2- After inspection, a detailed report is provided. It includes all the defects found and the estimated cost of repair. The report provided after inspection is receivable in court.

3- Buying New? Based on the report provided after inspection, it is the responsibility of the contractor to fix any defect before delivery of the keys or to pay the estimated cost of repair.

4- Buying second-hand? Use the cost of repair for any defect found to negotiate the price with the seller and protect yourself from any unlawful renovations that could have been done.